Satya Incense


Satya incense is one of the most popular types of incense in India. The name is derived from the Sanskrit verb satya, which means “seal” or “wax”. Satya Sai Baba is the honorific title of a famous Indian guru who has endorsed this incense as his favourite. The incense sticks are said to motivate us to abandon our desires and devote ourselves to the greater good of humanity. Satya incense has now established itself as a scent associated with Indian culture

Nag Champa- For mindfulness practices and cleansing rituals.

Sandalwood- Finding focus, dispelling confusion, and beauty rituals.

Rose- Increase love, compassion, and psychic awareness.

Palo Santo- A.K.A. 'Holy Wood', used for purification and cleansing.

Dragon's Blood- Often associated with courage, strength, and protection. It is believed to give the user the power to overcome obstacles and to protect them from harm.

White Sage- Used for a variety of purposes, including cleansing and purification rituals, setting intentions, and creating sacred space.