Tumbled Shungite


Shungite is believed to have healing properties and is used as a form of complementary and alternative medicine. According to some sources, shungite is said to work against pollutants, free radicals, and harmful germs. There are also claims that it may help shield you from electromagnetic field exposure.

Some of the metaphysical properties of shungite include the following beneficial properties:

Energy: Shungite is a powerful cleanser of negative energy. It can help to clear away any unwanted or harmful vibes in the environment. In addition to clearing out negative energy, Shungite also brings positive energy.
Sensibility: Shungite assists one to be sensible while making them aspire to greater things.
Fearlessness: Shungite eliminates current fears that hinder you from achieving your full potential.
Understanding: Shungite helps sensitive people to understand inner language because of its higher dimension.