Tumbled Selenite


Selenite is a crystal that is often used for its purifying, calming, and uplifting properties. It is known to be one of the most important tools in any energy worker or crystal lover’s arsenal. Selenite is often referred to as “liquid light” because it allows for liquid-like energy fluidity by clearing energy blockages. Its extremely high vibration floods your energy field with the highest vibrations of light, uplifting your spirit and guiding you to an elevated state of being. In addition, Selenite can be used for other spiritual and energetic practices like meditation, reiki, breath work, yoga, and cord-cutting. For meditation, we suggest holding one Selenite Harmonizer in each hand to bring balance to both sides of the body. You can also place a Selenite crystal stone over your chest to breathe deeper and raise your energetic vibration. To use Selenite as part of a reiki practice, you’ll need both a wand and smaller stones to place at the chakra centers. The wand should be used before you begin the reiki to clear the subject’s negativity and tension. Hold the wand above their body and bring it down from head to toe moving along the spine. After the reiki, close the session by placing the small stones on the chakra points to align and balance their harmony.