Tumbled Occo Agate


The healing properties of Occo Agate include: Calm The Nerves: Occo Agate healing properties enable us to work through emotional trauma and feelings of uneasiness with strength. Additionally, this crystal is very protective as it provides security for when life takes its toll and becomes too much.
Encourages Positivity: Occo Agate will allow you to accept who you are while instilling love and confidence at the same time.
Releases Fear & Judgement: This healing stone will ensure some chill and soothing energies, even at the scariest moments in life. Holding onto anger and judgement is sure to make for a bitter heart, which can be difficult for not only us but the people around us as well. Occo Agate healing properties allow us to overcome this negativity by fostering love, courage, and acceptance.
Inspires Creativity: Occo Agate can help bring inspiration to those who are struggling to find it or going through a dry spell of creativity. Also a good stone to carry for pregnant women for extra support and security.


*Stone appearance can varie by inventory ,this is a basic image of our favorite stone of this particular type.*