Tumbled Tree Agate


In terms of metaphysical properties, Tree Agate is an exciting stone that influences your aura in some unorthodox ways. Usually, healing crystals sway one or two energy points that revolve around the same general area. However, Tree Agate triggers both lower and upper chakras! On the lower end, it functions as a strong root chakra stone. Sometimes called the base chakra, this energy point is the first of your primary chakras. The entry point for healing energy from Mother Earth, it’s responsible for your feelings of stability. Like the expansive roots of an old tree, Tree Agate keeps you grounded! It constantly reminds you of your purpose and ensures that you never start to feel overly complacent with life. Next, this stone sways the heart chakra. Your heart chakra is your center of compassion, love, and forgiveness. When it’s blocked, your relationships might suffer. Blockages can turn you into a controlling figure that constantly hurts others. Tree Agate is a great crystal for love since it keeps this energy point open, allowing you to send and receive love wherever you go. Finally, there’s the crown chakra. This energy point is heavily associated with the element of air. It’s the point of connection between you and the cosmos!